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Flights to Ethiopia. Will the “gateway” to Africa open in 2024?

This summer, travelers from Poland will get a unique opportunity to reach the heart of Africa directly - Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. This landmark event in the history of Polish aviation will be inaugurated by Ethiopian Airlines, opening a new route from Warsaw's Chopin Airport and an important step in strengthening relations between Poland and Africa.

Strategic importance of new connection

Stanislaw Wojtera, president of Polish Airports, enthusiastically emphasizes the strategic importance of the new route for Chopin Airport. After months of negotiations with Ethiopian Airlines representatives, the plans have finally materialized. This strengthens Warsaw's position as a key hub connecting different parts of the world. Addis Ababa is not just a gateway to Ethiopia, but also an important transfer center for further travel in Africa, the PPL announcement reads.

Benefits of the new connection

In addition to increasing geographic accessibility, the new air link will boost tourism and business between the two countries. Addis Ababa, one of the world's highest-altitude airports, already expects to check in around 18 million passengers in the coming fiscal year. The new route is also expected to attract more tourists and increase cargo shipments, which could have a positive impact on the Polish economy

Ethiopia's unique attractions

Known for its incredible nature and rich history, Ethiopia offers many attractions for visitors. From trekking through the scenic Semien Mountains, observing unique animal species, to visiting historical sites such as Gonder with its majestic palaces. Here are some of the top places to visit:

  • Lalibela - a city dubbed the “New Jerusalem,” famous for its churches carved into the rock, a testament to extraordinary engineering and deep religiosity. These architectural wonders are often the destination of pilgrimages and awe-inspiring in their unique form.

  • The Semien Mountains - a national park listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering spectacular scenery and the opportunity to encounter unique animal species, such as the gelada (Anubian baboon) and Abyssinian goat. It is an ideal place for nature lovers and trekkers

  • Aksum - an ancient city that was the center of the powerful Aksum Empire. It is known for its gigantic stone stelae and rich archaeological finds that attest to its once great importance

  • Omo Valley - an area known for its multicultural tribes that have preserved their traditional customs and way of life. This fascinating place offers a unique glimpse into Ethiopia's cultural diversity

  • Lake Tana - the largest lake in Ethiopia, which has numerous islands with historic monasteries. The lake is an important religious and historical center, and its picturesque landscapes attract tourists seeking peace and natural beauty

The launch of the first direct flight from Warsaw to Addis Ababa is more than just a new air route - it is a symbolic opening of the gateway to Africa. This will give Poles easier access to one of the most fascinating continents, which is sure to enrich cultural and economic relations. As we wait for July, when the first planes will take off and flights to Ethiopia will become a daily occurrence, we can only imagine the new opportunities that this historic moment will bring


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