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Torba podróżna


  • Travel insurance

  • Life and health protection

  • Personal accident and liability protection

  • Private medical care

In a cooperation with:

Signal Iduna

Your safety is taken care of

Signal Iduna

At MYWAY Travel, we always focus on the highest quality of our services.


In the interest of comprehensive protection for all travelers, we have partnered with a reputable insurer - SIGNAL IDUNA Polska TU S.A. We offer a wide range of travel and life insurance that will provide you with peace of mind and security in any situation.

Available insurance options include:

  • Worldwide travel insurance

  • Travel cancellation insurance - safeguard your plans and finances in case of unexpected changes

  • Life and health protection - we guarantee support in the most critical moments

  • Personal accident and liability insurance - protection against accidents and civil liability

  • Private medical care - ensure you have access to the best health care wherever you are

Take advantage of our offer now! Click here to calculate your premium and choose the best travel insurance for you from SIGNAL IDUNA. Don't let unexpected events disrupt your plans.

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