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Chopin Airport expansion getting closer

Warsaw Chopin Airport, currently the largest airport in Poland, is on the threshold of a major transformation. Its expansion, aimed at increasing capacity to around 30 million passengers a year, is a strategic plan related to the growing demands of both domestic and international markets. The expansion, planned from 2026 to 2029, will include comprehensive upgrades to existing infrastructure and the addition of new elements to cope with increased traffic.

The planned changes involve not only the physical expansion of the terminals, but also the introduction of more modern technological solutions. The addition of new parking bays and gates, the modernization of baggage sorting systems, and the expansion of airport piers are intended not only to increase the number of passengers served, but also to significantly raise service and security standards.

The cost of the expansion is estimated at around 2.4 billion zlotys, but the investment is expected to bring significant economic benefits to the region. Increasing the airport's capacity will contribute to the growth of tourism and the attractiveness of Warsaw as a foreign investment destination. Equally important is the strategic importance of the project for LOT Polish Airlines, which, thanks to the expansion, will be able to expand its offer with new flight destinations and increase the number of international connections it serves.

It is also an important preparatory step for the launch of the Central Transport Port, which is expected to become the future transport heart of Poland, integrating air, rail and road connections on an unprecedented scale. The expansion of Chopin Airport is therefore seen not only as a project to meet current needs, but as a key element of the country's long-term transportation development strategy.

Thanks to the modernization, Chopin Airport will strengthen its position as a central aviation hub in the CEE region, which will contribute to its competitiveness in the international aviation arena. This is an investment with a wide range of impacts that includes not only economic, but also technological, social and environmental aspects, making it one of the most important infrastructure projects in Poland in the coming decade. It should also be added that the expansion of Chopin Airport does not mean abandoning plans to build CPK. It is a necessary step in anticipation of the long and complicated construction of Poland's Central Transport Port.


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